The legenday band played 'Sticky Fingers' at LA Theater in its entirety and honoured BB King


Imagine seeing maybe the biggest rock 'n' roll band in the world at a 1,200 capacity theatre in LA. And they play one of their best albums in its entirety. For just $5!! For a very small group of lucky fans, this fantasy came true last month, as the Rolling Stones announced a surprise intimate gig at LA's Fonda Theatre on Wednesday evening. Within seconds, the tickets had been snapped up by the lucky few, who that very evening got to witness a rare thing indeed.

As the secret start to their Zip Code tour, Mick Jagger announced to a rapt crowd "Tonight we're doing something we've never done before... We're going to do the whole of 'Sticky Fingers." Over the next hour-and-a-half, they proceeded to do just that, playing rarely-heard tracks from the album including 'Moonlight Mile' and 'I Got The Blues'.



During the encore the band paid tribute to BB King, who sadly died last week, by covering his tune 'Rock Me Baby'. Introducing the song, Jagger said of the blues great: "He was one of our favourite guitarists - a wonderful guy who played with us on a number of occasions".

Introducing 'Sister Morphine', Jagger joked "I should have warned you before, but there may be a lot of '60s drug references on this record that may puzzle some people. It was a great, groovy scene." Watched by an audience that included famoues actors and singers as Jack Nicholson, Dave Stewart, and Leonard Cohen, the band performed a number of acoustic numbers including 'Wild Horses' and 'You Gotta Move' - the latter featuring Keef on 12-string.

As well as the 'Fingers tracks, their set also included classics such as 'Start Me Up' and 'All Down The Line'. Rounding off a night which most Stones fans could only dream of, Jagger joked "Next year we'll come back and do the whole of 'Satanic Majesties..."